As of January 1, 2017, all Power-Pole anchors will be using the C-Monster 2.0 technology which is NOT compatible with past models.
Please call 877-689-0455 to order a Power-Pole to match an older model.

8ft Power-Pole Blade (Green)

Price: $2,499.99
Ex Tax: $2,499.99
Product Code:  PP-BLD-8-CC
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The Power-Pole Blade Edition Outperforms!

Top of the line, the Blade edition is the ultimate choice in Power-Pole® shallow water anchor systems. Faster and with better stopping power than any other hydraulic anchor, this system features extreme performance. 

With a choice of 8 or 10 feet in depth, Power-Pole Blade anchors your boat in water that is beyond the depths of many other systems. A thinner blade with increased aerodynamics makes anchoring in deeper water easier than ever. Use is a breeze with the C-Monster dash switch and remote control, as well as the Smart Phone app control. For the professional or want-to-be professional fisherman, there is no better choice.

Blade offers you:

  • - The best stopping power
  • - The fastest stopping time
  • - Deepest anchoring available, up to 10 feet
  • - Hidden spike 
  • - Ready installation
  • - Smart phone app for ease of use
  • - C-Monster technology

Whether you fish practically every day or just when you can get away, if you want nothing but the best, the all-new Power-Pole Signature Series Blade is for you!

Transform your fishing experience. Get the Blade shallow water anchor from Power-Pole today!

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