As of January 1, 2017, all Power-Pole anchors will be using the C-Monster 2.0 technology which is NOT compatible with past models.
Please call 877-689-0455 to order a Power-Pole to match an older model.

Return Policy

Read the return policy below.  Then, to make a return go here.


We will reject any packages that arrive at the warehouse without an approved RAN number.

Please review our listing very carefully. We work very hard to identify the manufacturer's part number, properly describe the item (appearance, color, etc), specify our approximate measurements and take detailed photographs of all the components you will receive.

An item qualifies for a return if:

1. It was ordered within the last 14 days; AND,
2. One of the following conditions exist:

An item does not qualify for return if:

If you believe that your item qualifies for a return, please contact our Returns Manager. It will help us if you have digital photographs of the item(s) you received and any damage to the item(s) or shipping container. Also, please have order information at hand such as: order number, date purchased, method of payment, packing slip, etc. We will work with you to qualilfy your item and provide the ideal solution.

If our Returns Manager approves the return, you will be issued a Returns Authorization Number and instructions on how to ship the item back to us. Please note: the RAN number is only good for 10 business days. Once it expires, the package will rejected. If the issue is related to damage during shipping, we will have you hold the packaging and contents and help get the claim process started.

Returned items may or may not be eligible for a refund/credit per our Refund and Credit Policy below.

A Return Authorization Number must be obtained prior to returning any items to BoatXtreme.

Refund and Credit Policy

If the item was damaged during shipment, we will start a claim process with you and try to locate an immediate replacement for your item. Our Returns Manager will determine whether a refund or in-store credit is appropriate and what actions need to take place.

If our description was in error, we will attempt to locate the correct item for you. If we can locate a replacement, our Returns Manager will inform you of what actions need to take place. If we cannot locate a suitable replacement, our Returns Manager will work to refund your purchase and have the item returned to BoatXtreme.

If the buyer purchased an item in error or no longer wants the item, we will be happy to offer an in-store credit for the value of the item purchased. It is the buyer's responsibility to ship the item back to BoatXtreme (at the buyer's expense) per our Return Policy above. Please note that most items returned for credit are subject to a restocking fee of 15% or $10 (whichever is greater). We will not offer a cash or chargeback refund in this case.