As of January 1, 2017, all Power-Pole anchors will be using the C-Monster 2.0 technology which is NOT compatible with past models.
Please call 877-689-0455 to order a Power-Pole to match an older model.


Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

How do I choose one Power-Pole® anchor over another?

There are distinct differences between the various different models of the Power-Pole® shallow water anchor models, including available sizes, colors, pump speed, finish, construction hardware used and warranty details and terms. However, all models do come equipped with necessary transom mount installation parts. To find out more and to select the ideal Power-Pole® anchor for you, check out our Power-Pole® Anchor Comparison Chart. When in doubt, always go with the longer Power-Pole®. Most owners will tell you their only regret is not going with a longer version.

What color choices do I have for my Power-Pole® anchor system?

Color choices vary depending on the Power-Pole® shallow water anchor you choose. <p> -Signature Series models are available in black, white, blue and red. -Pro Series models are available in black and white. -Sportsman Series models are available in anodized silver.

Can I use the Remote Control with any Power-Pole® model?

Yes, the Remote Control can be used with any model Power-Pole® shallow water anchor.

Is it possible to add a wireless remote to my Power-Pole® system later?

Yes, you can add a wireless Remote Control at any point.

What is the maximum range for using the wireless Remote Control?

The maximum range of use for the wireless Remote Control is 30’. This being said, the wireless remote is recommended for use from your boat. If you plan to leave your boat, the Power-Pole® shallow water anchor should not be used as the primary anchor.

What kind of battery do I need for the wireless Remote Control?

The wireless Remote Control takes a CR2032 3V Lithium Coin Battery.

Can I purchase an additional Remote Control for my Power-Pole®?

Yes, you can purchase an extra Remote Control or any other accessories here.

When installing my Power-Pole® anchor, do I need to use an Adapter Plate?

Power-Pole® shallow water anchors come with necessary transom mount hardware. Yet, there are many boats which are unable to do a transom mount and an adapter plate is needed. Power-Pole® offers a wide variety of adapter plates to meet the needs of any jack-plate/boat.

How do I choose the right Power-Pole® Adapter Plate for my boat?

Our adapter plate ordering guide, a local authorized dealer or the Power-Pole® tech support phone line (813-689-9932) can assist you in finding the best adapter plate for your boat.

How much is installation of the Power-Pole®?

The cost of installation varies by market and by the type of boat you have. Please contact a local dealer for exact pricing. A listing of local dealers can be found here.

Can I properly install the Power-Pole® myself?

While installation by an authorized dealer is always recommended, if you have the necessary tools and skills to properly install the system, it is an option.

Should the Power-Pole® be mounted at an angle or vertically?

The Power-Pole® should always be mounted vertically and can be adjusted using the 4 volts.

What size boats can the Power-Pole® work with?

Boats under 4500 pounds and up to 28’ in length are perfect for the Power-Pole®.

How big is the Power-Pole® when retracted?

The dimensions of the Power-Pole® when retracted vary by model: -10 ft Blade: 68 inches -8 ft Blade: 55 inches 6 ft Signature: 44 inches 4 ft Signature: 36 inches 8 ft PRO II: 55 inches 6 ft PRO II: 44 inches Sportsman II: 55 inches 8 ft Sportsman: 55 inches 6 ft Sportsman: 44 inches

If I buy two Power-Pole Anchors, can I use one remote to power both anchors?

Yes. You simply cross program the switch and remote to work with the other pump. The instructions that come with your C-Monster controlled Power-Pole anchors explain how to accomplish this